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You Aren't Getting Any Younger, But You Can Get Much Healthier

Today’s work pace is faster than ever…for the last 3 decades people have reported a steady increase in daily stress levels.

Last year, 93% of the adult workforce reported feeling distracted, overwhelmed, and burnt-out on a weekly basis.

Tight deadlines, endless emails, constrained resources, doing more with less, and working both harder and longer is taking a toll.

Lifestyle medications are on the rise.

3 out of every 5 adult Americans are on at least one lifestyle medication.

A ‘lifestyle medication’ is a prescription ‘band-aid’ for problems with how you eat, rest, and move.

Small changes in your lifestyle can completely eliminate the need for many common medications.

Just because a change is small doesn't make it easy.

If fact, it's harder than ever to make these ‘lifestyle’ changes…no time, no energy, conflicting information, not knowing where to start, not confident you can really change, and no system make small changes really difficult.

And yet it is possible to change for the better.

What if everything you knew about health, weight loss, sickness, and medications wasn’t the whole story?

What if there was a way to boost your energy without ‘crash and burn’ energy drinks?

Imagine if could easily stay focused during your day with the drive needed to finish projects, win at work and not feel like a zombie at then end of the day.

Better yet, what if it was both easier and faster than you thought possible?

Kristen, Paula, Chris, and Matt

America’s First Family of Health

America’s First Family of Health

Chris Johnson, the original 'Health Rebel', has been pioneering a holistic approach to creating abundant energy, focus, and health around the world for the last 30 years.

Chris is joined by his wife Paula, his son Matt, and his daughter Kristen at On Target Living.

On Target Living has a simple mission: help 1 million people live the healthiest life possible

What Can The System Do For You?

  • MYTH: It doesn't take hours and hours to upgrade your food.
  • Learn the shortcuts you need to make healthy eating easy so it becomes second nature.
  • MYTH: you need more coffee or energy drinks to get rid of 'Foggy Brain' and have energy all day long.
  • Energy drinks and caffeine can be completely reduced or eliminated after you find out the art and science behind true rest.
  • MYTH: there's nothing you can do about your health condition except take medication.
  • All the 'lifestyle diseases' can be improved and even eliminated with proper rest, food, and movement.
  • MYTH: what doesn't kill me makes me stronger.
  • Stress is a constant danger to your health, hormones, and ability to enjoy'll get the 'stress buster' strategies to defeat stress on command.
  • MYTH: my gut health isn't connected to my overall well-being
  • Most illnesses and disease began as inflammation and disrepair happening in your digestive system...fixing your gut can have dramatic improvements in your overall health.
  • MYTH: you can't stop aging...and...what you put on your skin doesn't matter.
  • Aging gracefully is completely possible with the right lifestyle...understanding your skin is an organ and how to treat it can help you shed years off your appearance.
  • MYTH: we all get sick and die
  • It's true...the SYSTEM won't prevent eventual death but it can reduce the frequency and severity of seasonal sicknesses (as well as other life threatening illnesses).

Everything you need to succeed.

It’s TIME to take action.

Join Chris Johnson, Matt Johnson and Kristen Johnson as they walk you through this magical 21-step audio program that was designed to help you achieve the health of your dreams.

Over the last 30 years On Target Living has been changing how people look and take action on their health.

And now you can access these secrets from the palm of your hand.

All 21 lessons are accessible from your smartphone, tablet, or computer...access them anywhere!

We have all become accustomed to the endless diets and weight loss programs over the last many years that never work or last.

Let’s put an end to that now, we promise this is finally a program that will stick and give you the results you want.

Many people will buy THE SYSTEM in pursuit of weight loss, which is fantastic, but you will find it is so much more—greater health, focus, energy, stamina, sleep, fitness, mood and confidence.

We call this optimal health.

Get ready, buckle up and enjoy THE SYSTEM.

THE SYSTEM is a premium audio product you can access from your phone, in your car, or anywhere you're at. Plus you get THE SYSTEM WORKBOOK filled with insights, activities, and action steps to catapult you forward.

The SYSTEM is a digital audio product you can listen to in your car, at home, at work, or anywhere in between. You will also recieve a physical workbook that will mail out separately...but you can access The SYSTEM right now!

21 steps to a life filled with focus, energy, and drive! Imagine what you'll do with the extra energy each day. Imagine an unstoppable immune system. And learning how to enjoy food and maintain a healthy weight without diets or weird tricks...The SYSTEM will teach you everything you need to live like Chris and The Johnsons with the OTL Lifestyle.

Here's just a taste of what Chris will teach you in The SYSTEM....

  • How to set goals that magnetically pull you forward.
  • Discover hidden roadblocks responsible for derailing your past efforts to change.
  • 3 methods to make any new habit “stick”…so you don’t have to constantly repeat the past and can finally build an automatic health lifestyle.
  • Learn the “Disney World” technique for unlocking your inner motivation, confidence and the ability to breakthrough in your career by upgrading your health.
  • Is ‘Aging well’ even possible? Discover how to unlock your body’s ability to stay youthful, vibrant, and disease free.
  • Why your physical age isn’t your real age. And how to decode your health to understand how old you really are.
  • What is ‘Polarity Management’ and how can it help you find the elusive work/life balance?
  • How to quiet your mind, anytime day or night…on demand.
  • How to get a better night’s sleep, naturally and consistently, so you wake up feeling refreshed each morning.
  • The Power of Food—how changing what, when, and how you eat, can create these surprising improvements.
  • Use the ‘Bathtub Approach’ to cleansing and detoxification.
  • Supplements…super helpful or a super scam? Find out which supplements are vital and which aren’t.
  • The top 5 Superfoods on Earth and how to easily get them into your daily routine.
  • Most diets fail because people depend on willpower to deny themselves foods they love…learn why this approach doesn’t work and what to do instead.
  • The Sumo Wrestler secrets to weight loss.
  • Find your energy ‘blackhole’ and plug it using the power of meal timing.
  • Convenient and great-for-you eating is possible, and easier than you might think using these tips for eating on the run.
  • What’s the ‘80/20’ rule and how does it apply to living a ‘feel great, look great’ life?
  • The most powerful medicine in the world—MOVEMENT!
  • Reasons we don’t exercise and what to do about it.
  • Insight: you can never out exercise a bad diet, find out what to do instead.
  • Get the 5 step blueprint for Perfect Posture.
  • You’ve heard of superfoods…did you know there are ‘super-exercises’ too?
  • How much exercise is enough, and how to avoid over doing it.
  • The actual ‘Fountain of Youth’: what is it and how can you tap into these benefits right away.
  • Are you tapping into the power of play to make movement fun again?
  • Scary fact: 65% of all heart attacks occur with normal cholesterol levels…get the whole story on cholesterol and most important, understand the #1 way to prevent heart attacks.
  • Learn how to naturally strengthen your immune system so you get sick less often (hint…it starts in your gut).
  • What can we learn about change from a Chinese Bamboo Tree?
  • Fail to plan means you plan to fail…build your own OTL action plan to translate everything from the seminar into action.
  • Plus many, many more secrets, tips, tricks, and strategies....

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BONUS #2: The Best Selling cookbook
'Target to Table'
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BONUS #3: The OTL Food Target to Upgrade Your Grocery List.

It's like having a food cheatsheet! Quickly see the quality of your current foods and get instant upgrade ideas...never wonder what you should buy at the store again....The Food Target Cheatsheet makes picking the right food simple, fast, and fun.

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Your purchase of The SYSTEM gives you instant access to our exclusive loyalty program. Besides the many program benefits like member-only sales and special promotions, you'll receive free shipping on all your OTL orders! Your membership carries a real world value of $800 not including all the money you can save with FREE SHIPPING (and did we mention FREE GIFTS too).

What Real People Are
Saying About On Target Living

Chris was first brought to my attention about 6 years ago. My doctor recommended I read his book and use his "food target" instead of the food pyramid. I was "unhealthy and falling apart" according to my doctor. I am all about numbers.....LOVE math and working with numbers....but my numbers were scary. Chris Johnson said, in his book, that sumo wrestlers get to have their body shape because they eat their couple thousand calorie dinner and go directly to bed. That one fact inspired me to read his book. Even though I wasn't eating that many calories for dinner, I was eating too many poor quality calories at each meal and not burning them. I will bring my On Target Living material in tomorrow and have it available for anyone interested in looking through it. I may be a work in progress but my doctor and I are liking my numbers now....and are confident I am headed down the right path to success.
Judy Staples
I grew up as an athlete playing basketball in high school. Lifting weights was my exercise of choice, and I spent a great deal of time in the gym with my Dad. With little or no nutritional guidance outside of an occasional protein shake, I considered a “turkey deli sandwich on white bread” a really healthy choice!

Ten years later and 35 pounds heavier, I still felt strong and healthy—but was starting to see some love handles. In 2010, I went to hear Chris speak at a company event. Chris’s message resonated so strongly with me that I immediately began taking small steps that very next day. I started stretching and working on implementing an interval cardio program. I felt great, but hearing Chris really motivated me! I definitely had some roadblocks along the way. The accessibility of BAD food and the 3-hour rule had me trapped. I started packing my lunch and making sure to bring a snack to keep me on an even keel throughout the day.

It didn’t take long before I started seeing results. I felt more alert and engaged at work. It has been motivational to see the love handles disappear and feel confident at the pool. I have a six-pack for the first time in my life. By nature I am a competitor and a goal setter, but I stepped it up. I trained for a half-marathon, and am currently competing in Natural Physique shows all across the United States.

These personal changes have inspired me to continue learning about fitness and nutrition. I have used the knowledge that Chris gave me, mixed in some of my own research and experiences, and launched a new website ( that is packed with information on living a healthier lifestyle. I am living the dream and couldn’t be happier.

Matt Scoletti
I am just going to cut to the chase.... He's HOT!! and he has great things to talk about. It is not your normal "eat good" "make good choices" "you're fat do something" it really is stuff that you can change with out adding a huge amount to your grocery bill, and you kids will eat the stuff. When I went to see him Jeanie, Judy, and Jill all had their undies in a bunch about how great this man was... I was like, we are sitting inside on a 90 degree day how good could this be!

I was shocked! I found out I don't have to give up everything, start small and find out what makes you tick. It is your body and you are in control of it! And lets face it nothing taste as good as skinny feels!! If I could give you advise it would be DON"T HESITATE...START TODAY and TRY THE COD LIVER OIL!!!

Kris Reinecke
The biggest advice you gave that has stuck in my head and I repeat it to many others, is the fact that if you eat 80% of the time healthy, you can have what you want 20% of the time. Who couldn’t live like this?

Twenty years ago, I went to an eating disorder facility in Florida for a month. They said if I didn't eat wheat, sugar, flour and caffeine, you would lose weight. I ate 4 meals a day and gave up all foods I liked. I did lose 120lbs in one year, but it was very scary for me. I didn't know myself and people treated me different. I started eating out of control again and the weight came back.

I could write a book about the difference of being a size 26 and a size 10. Eating a healthy balance is the best thing to do. I don't over eat and I can tell the difference when I do. My husband has always been healthy, eating better, working out, etc. He has always been supportive of what I wanted to do, not nagging me to lose weight.

He has always said I just want you to be healthy. We both are working on being healthier and we are walking more and spending more time together planning meals. You truly have given me my life back. I wanted to just let you know how much I appreciate you.

I believe there is no such thing as coincidence, I was meant to hear you that day and I was very ready for a change. I have my life back and am so appreciative. God Bless you and thank you for being there for those of us who need to be On Target!

Becky Moxley
On Target Living has made profound changes to my life. After hearing Chris speak at a conference in the fall of 2008, I read his book. I immediately made some fairly significant changes to my diet. I started eating smaller and healthier meals, more frequently, throughout the day. I noticed my energy level was higher and I didn’t go into a food coma two hours after a large lunch! I felt better, slept better and after two months of eating healthier, started dropping the extra weight.

Over the next few months, I lost thirty pounds. Two years later, I am still going strong! I continue to upgrade my diet and exercise regimen. I have not given up ANYTHING that I like to eat or drink. I’m not going to lie, the changes to my diet took a while to adjust to, but not only do I LOVE what I eat, I do not feel like I am sacrificing. I have just learned to really enjoy eating some new things that are healthier. I am also teaching my children to eat healthier.

The outcome: more energy, better sleep, and at age 43 I have the same waist size I had in college. I feel so blessed to have learned how to take care of myself before it is too late. Chris Johnson and the On Target Living program have had quite an impact on my life.

-John Schmitt, 1st Vice President, Merrill Lynch Private Client Group
In January 2010 I made the typical New Year’s resolution and decided I was going to lose 20 pounds in 6 months.

At 5’10” and 204 pounds, I was at the heaviest I had ever been, doing little or nothing to change my current situation, and I was scared. I knew I needed a plan.

I didn’t put much thought into how I was going to make it happen (maybe just eat a little less ice cream and push a little harder at the gym).

I was making a little progress, but then got invited to a Merrill Lynch seminar called EPLT (Essential Partner Leadership Training) in June 2010 where Chris Johnson was presenting his On Target Living program on health and wellness. EPLT was one of those events in life that hit me at just the right time.

After spending a few days with Chris, everything he said made perfect sense. I finally had a “real” plan and I dove right into it! I went home and immediately began adding the recommended Super Foods into my diet, stopped drinking soda, began reading labels closely, and cut out most of the junk food. I picked up my exercise game as well.

After 25 years at a desk job and putting on 40 pounds, I started riding the cycle really hard and working with a personal trainer in the weight room. In October of 2010, at 59 years old, I went back to another EPLT program. Everything was moving in a positive direction, but I needed more of a push and Chris encouraged me to devise an athletic goal.

I decided to do a triathlon by the time I was 60. In order to prepare, I joined a Masters swimming group and began running (indoor and out). I even pulled my 30 year old Italian racing bike out of the garage, tuned it up and began riding. (Eventually buying a newer bike last year) I’m pleased to say that I completed my first sprint triathlon in March 2011, placing 2nd in my age group. I enjoyed the challenge so much that I ended up completing a total of 5 triathlons by the time I was 60. (All podium finishes)

This year I am increasing my goals and have signed up for the Navy Seals Triathlon in San Diego and an international event which also happens to be an Olympic qualifying event. I’ll get to see the world’s best that weekend. No, I won’t be racing with them, I’m in the age group crowd and they will be with the pros and Olympians. What do I weigh now? I am down to 166! It’s tough to describe how much better I feel. I have so much energy during the day compared to 3 years ago. I sleep better, and no longer require cholesterol, thyroid or allergy medications. Chris, I can’t thank you enough for educating and encouraging me to live a healthier lifestyle. It has truly been a life and “game” changer for me and for my family!

Jeffery Sweers
Being in the health field I can tell you I totally support Chris Johnson's food target. He suggests a diet that revolves around keeping your cells healthy by eating more alkali foods.

Seriously, this guy knows
what he's talking about. My sister did a weight loss challenge at Auto Owner's where she works. She lost about 15 pounds on her own by eating very healthy, smaller proportions, and exercising a TON! Her goal was to lose about 30 pounds. But no matter how hard she worked (and she was busting tail, we're talking 2+ hours in the gym, several days a week) our or how many cals she cut, she couldn't lose those last 15. She read Chris Johnson's book and started eating cell healthy foods and she dropped almost 20 more pounds! She's a big fan of Chris Johnson and she's actually the person who told me about him. He really has great info and I highly recommend checking out his SYSTEM! Wow, I sound like an infomercial...but really he is that good :D

Susan Kubicek
oo many cooks in the kitchen—we’ve all heard that before. That’s the situation I had in 2008 except instead of cooks, it was too many doctors.

In October of 2006 I came down with a viral infection at a time of high stress in my life and I became very ill. I couldn’t keep foods down and lost 25 lbs. in a very short time. My body became prone to one infection after another and debilitating fatigue set in. In August of 2008 I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and other autoimmune disorders. I had many doctors telling me what I could or couldn’t do and was on many medications.

Previous to becoming ill, I was an active runner and was part of the Crim Training Program in Flint, Michigan. On Target Living gave a seminar for the participants and it was then I first heard about the food target and how you can take small steps toward better nutrition and health. I went home with good intentions and made the switch to natural peanut butter and that was about it! After becoming ill, I finally went to a specialist that deals with autoimmune disorders and he was the first one to say I needed to change my nutrition habits and wanted me to drop all the whites in my diet—sugar, flour, rice, etc., I went home and didn’t know what to eat. In talking to a friend, she reminded me of Chris Johnson and offered his nutrition book to me.

As I read his book, what clicked with me throughout the book was you can take small steps and initiate change slowly. I was too sick and overwhelmed at the time to try and change everything at once. The more I read, the more I began to realize I could make small changes and also for the first time I started to understand nutrition in a whole new way. Healthy fats??? I had never heard of them! Letting foods become your medicine? I had never thought of it that way. This was so different than any diet or nutrition plan that I was accustomed to hearing about.

Fortunately, Chris came to Flint for a seminar during the time I was reading his book and this time I really listened. By the end of the seminar I knew I was ready to make more changes and set up a time to see Chris. In addition to nutrition, I was determined to somehow keep my body moving as I had not been able to return to running and aerobic exercise was difficult for me. At one of the early sessions, Chris asked me to bring my medications with me. I had so many I had to bring them in a bag. I was still attached to my medications thinking I had to have them to address the deficiencies in my body. We talked about letting my healthier lifestyle and healthy fats begin the healing process. Taking that first step towards change was the hardest, but breaking it into small steps has really worked for me.

Slowly, I added healthy fats to my diet and added more and more foods to my diet from the inner 2 circles of the food target. Chris designed exercises for me that I could handle and taught me how to listen to my body. When I first came to see Chris I was really grieving my old life, but with Chris’s help I have set new goals and now focus on what I can do instead of what I can’t do. Now for the good news--I am proud to say that currently I am down to one prescription medication and some natural herbs. It’s a wonderful feeling to not depend on pharmaceutical medications and let foods become your medicine cabinet as Chris talks about in his seminars.

Also, through Chris I had set a goal to get back into community service and I just completed my first term of service and it was a very gratifying experience. This experience has helped with my healing also. My immunity issues have been my greatest improvement as I just completed my first year without infections of any kind. I didn’t think it would ever be possible. I thank God for bringing Chris Johnson and On Target Living into my life. My faith in God is important to me and I know On Target Living has been an answer to prayer. My health is coming back to me one small step at a time. I can honestly say my body now craves many of the foods from the inner two circles.

My advice to anyone that would listen is: don’t wait until you are sick before making positive changes in your nutrition and health. You can do it, one step at a time! I share the news about On Target Living with anybody that will listen and am hoping to have a positive impact on my young grandchildren.

Like Chris, I was raised by wolves back in the day when you could run the streets and not be home until the street lights came on. I also drank Kool-aid, ate sweetened cereals and processed foods. I passed that on to my own children, but hoping to implement positive change with the newest generation in my family.

Carol Sweatland

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