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Kristen Johnson

Kristen Johnson
Registered Dietitian

Kristen Johnson

Meet Kristen Johnson

Authentic Speaker on Lifestyle, Health, & Happiness

Kristen is the registered dietitian for On Target Living and author of Target To Table: Delicious & Healthy Meals One Superfood at a Time.

Kristen travels the world inspiring people to live Deliciously. Kristen began her career in the retail world working as a corporate dietitian for one of the largest retailers in the Midwest.

Wanting a more natural approach to eating, Kristen became the first holistic dietitian for an East coast based natural food market chain in Chicago.

In this retail setting, Kristen learned all about the world of food and shopper’s eating behaviors. Understanding people’s struggles when it comes to food and health inspired Kristen to write a cookbook centered on teaching people how to live a fun, flavorful and more rewarding life without giving up the things they love.

Over the years, Kristen has become the true expert on teaching people how to live a healthy lifestyle that is fun, flavorful, and rewarding. Her practical ideas and real life stories teach people how to make simple upgrades to healthy and delicious eating.

Wherever she goes, you can count on Kristen to bring healthy homemade snacks, resistance bands and her hot pink shoes.

“Get your beauty sleep, eat your superfoods and workout for fun!”

"I had the pleasure of working with Kristen Johnson on multiple occasions as part of a healthier lifestyle program. She in not only enthusiastic about nutrition and wellness, but her engaging personality really connected with our audience."

Brian Kelly

Head Football Coach for
University of Notre Dame

“I am excited to share the news that I’ve recently purchased Kristen and Matt’s cookbook, as well as a copy of Chris’s book for myself, my brother, my sister, and parents. I have been talking non-stop about Kristen’s presentation, sharing how authentic her personality is and the influence of her amazing expertise with On Target Living. The knowledge I had previously about nutrition, fitness, and good health were not only confirmed but expanded upon and for that, I am extremely grateful for all the wisdom shared and the passion behind this lifestyle. Thank you for allowing me that opportunity; as someone already highly passionate about sustaining good health, I will cherish Kristen’s presentation more than ever, as it’s brought a whole new meaning to me on the importance of being the best ‘you’.”

Cassandra Harris

Professional Services Coordinator
Michigan Virtual University

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Fun fact
Kristen is a total “superfoodie" but there is one food that she dislikes: yams. She blames this on her Dad because yams were at the center of every dish he made for the family growing up. Kristen may have overdosed on yams in her younger years but recommends people eat yams because of the amazing health benefits.
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